WordPress DBC backup 2 import sql problem solved

I had problems with importing .sql file created via DBC backup 2 wordress plugin. The plugin is great and simple but after my host upgraded to mysql 5.5 it gaves me an error (#1064-suspecting now) with encoding. After several hours, lost in the issue, i finally call the service at my hosting company for solution. The engineer was kind and after few minutes he found the source of problem in TYPE=MyISAM and etc part of code inside .sql file. So he recomended to delete that parameter and import was working fine.

After that I also found some opinion, that the TYPE attributte in mySQL is obsolete and we should use ENGINE instead. Have done revisiting source files in DBC backup 2 plugin and I found in function.php file row that says: ” $create_table = preg_replace("/ENGINE\s?=/", "TYPE=", $create_table) ” so I commented it out and everything works now with importing dumped sql file at mySQL 5.5 without editing dumped sql file before import to server.

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  1. damien saunders napsal:

    Hi Daniel

    Thanks for the short write up and apologies that you had a problem with the backup file.

    I have been testing the next version of DBC Backup 2 which does fix this problem and a few other little things.

    Do get in touch via my website if you need help!

    Damien Saunders

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