WordPress plugin, Media Library Assistent with nice url’s in pagination

I have it up and running! Yes!
If you are interested in great wordpress plugin which name is Media Library Assistant, now you can use it with nice url’s when paginated also.

It tooks me a couple of days of my life, but didn’t I also have said I like good chalenges?! And for everyone, visit my photography section to browse the photography even by photo-tags on the right side, when you are in that section. You may use google translate ;)

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  1. Sami napsal:


    I found your great effort when trying to achieve the same thing more than 2 years after. Your post seems just what I was looking for. Unfortunately this didn’t work for me. I’m using latest WP and MLA plugin.

    With edited .htaccess and functions.php results partly working code but not enough. URLs get pretty numbers but pagination itself isn’t working (page won’t change) and url address loops the whole thing as in /2/3/4 when /2, /3 or /4 is expected.

    Could you please help, I’d appreciate it very much!


    • Daniel napsal:

      Hi and thank you that my work is usefull for you! Unfortunately I do not remember everything I did, Im not profesional programmer and I was creating that simple thing many days (and nights). But if I remember there was a few comments on support plugin page I did wrote. Follow them. Also several links I did not wrote I found they helped me. So the thing should works, if you apply them all. Please check all links below for not miss anything, because I build my code upon it. And check the links from my original comments, because I can have missed some links or mention now. Also please check if the function you are using, have the same output as is expected from, and check also variables if have expected values.

      Im not the one, who is competent check your code and repair. Best way is to show your code and sources of principe I did, to someone of your php competent friend – to see it, understand and probably fix. I remember, that IE has some bug with pagination (I think with redirecting – so strange), so I first make it works for other browsers. Somewhere, I wrote it in the mentioned links.

      Here is the links I used and which I remember (also see the links they are linked in mentioned links, except other plugins):
      https://wordpress.org/support/topic/rewrite-custom-taxonomy-slug?replies=8 – this link is also the one its build on (today I red in my origin comment about, I was partially building on it)
      https://wordpress.org/support/topic/empty-archives-returning-404?replies=8 – this helped me a LOT!
      http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/5413/need-help-with-add-rewrite-rule – again helped me a lot.

      Hope I do not forgot anything. Finally please read and try check your code again, read all links I wrote about, not only from here, but also from plugin support comments, because I repeat I could have forgot something today. It seems to me, you have to had done something different, remember, that you should edit these files: function.php, attachement-template.php, htaacess (hope I did not miss any-not sure now). Important is proper php configuration also – I think something in php conf file maybe was needed(???). The principe is sending variable from htaacces into function.php in some cases nad manage the pagination.

      It is also possible, that I did not mentioned all steps I did there. My effort was to wrote only main things for have it work, so Im not sure today, that I described in support plugin comments everything I did. My comments on support that issue was not intended as a step-by-step guide, but only it was intended as a working principe guide, you can build upon.
      Due to, please CHECK YOUR code for different names for names of FUNCTIONS and VARIABLES! Pagination was not the main problem I solved. The pagination was only part of it. CHECK partially results to find where it is stop working (for example, where variable is lost and try find why). Sorry for my english. I can not help you much more better than I just did. Im not a programmer as i wrote. You can be sure, that MLA is back compatible till recent version with my solution. It works on my web till now, thanks to David Lingren kindness of back-compatibility. Best Regards and tell me if you will make it work and where was the bug for other peoples in case you will solve it ;)

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